HBFT Fidelity Program

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 Fidelity Program Documents

If you are new to the program click below for our welcome letter and instruction sheet.

Welcome Letter and Written Instructions

In order to continue improving the HBFT Partnership and the fidelity program we are requesting the use of the required fidelity scores to be used in a research study to help us determine the effectiveness of the Core Training and fidelity. Participation is optional and choosing to not have your scores included does not impact your participation in the fidelity program. If you are interested in learning more or would like to give consent please see the recruitment letter and consent form below. 

Recruitment Letter

Consent Form

Click the link below for a breakdown of the levels of fidelity.

Levels of Fidelity

See the links below for a electronic copy of the fidelity program's forms.

Monthly reporting form (physical form where you can keep track of your scores for the month before reporting them).

ORS and SRS with scripts

ORS and SRS with scripts in Spanish

Fidelity Program Links

Click on the links below to fill out the appropriate monthly form

HBFT Fidelity Monthly Reporting Form

Monthly Did Not Bill Survey

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