Balancing Professional and Personal Lives through Self-Care

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Welcome to the Course


Welcome to balancing Professional and Personal Lives through Self-Care. Self-care is necessary to a Home Based family Therapist's overall well-being and clinical effectiveness. Yet the question is how many therapists take time out of their hectic schedules to take care of their lives? Working in the area of psychotherapy and especially in families' homes is often challenging and draining to emotional and physical health as well as to your profession. Maintaining a balance between your professional and personal life is critical for providing ethically appropriate therapy. This module will guide you to consider ways self-care can enable you to face professional challenges without sacrificing important aspects of your personal life and relationships. The module provides frameworks, strategies and techniques to assist in striking that delicate balance.

The module explores concepts of self-care by:

  1. Establishing a common ground of terminology derived from varying points of view
  2. Developing a unified framework for exploring the concept of self-care
  3. Providing effective strategies and techniques to practically address self-care while developing a personal self-care strategy
  4. Applying your personal self-care strategy through a clinical example