Challenges to Therapist Self-Care with In-Home Work

Module Sections:


Welcome to the Self-Care Course


Self-care entails both a personal and professional developmental process. A person's needs change through maturity and, it follows, that the self-care needs change as well. This module is focused on explaining the various components of clinician self-care practices, especially as they relate to therapeutic work in various home environments.

Providing therapy can be demanding and complicated work. When considering the provision of services in the home environment, the demands and impact upon the therapist become more complex simply because of the nature of home-based work. While many home-based clinicians value the home environment, it nonetheless, contributes an additional set of stressors. This module will ask you to think about your own stressors and self-care program. Concepts and frameworks are provided to guide your thinking process. We encourage you to use your journal to reflect upon the information provided especially as it pertains to you personally.

The structure of this module will guide your exploration of applicable, personal self-care issues through:

  1. Establishing a common ground of terminology and interacting with a therapist vignette
  2. Developing a unifying framework for exploring the role of self-care throughout the process of therapy
  3. Applying a personal self-care framework through a clinical example. This clinical example is therapist focused, not client focused
  4. Creating a journal of your personal responses and reflections
  5. Creating a personal self-care program for you to integrate into your daily living

Audio Companion: Challenges to Therapist Self-Care