Crisis Intervention & Management Module

Module Sections:


Course Introduction


This therapeutic skills module is focused on developing skills associated with crisis intervention and management. Throughout the module we will ask you to reflect on a variety of concepts in your “journal”; answer survey questions; and finally, to explore “resources” for further study.

The structure of this module will guide your exploration of crisis management issues that arise in your work with families. The module is structured to accomplish the following:

  1. Explore the scope of the crisis management in HBFT
  2. Establish a common ground of terminology and interact with a family vignette
  3. Develop a unified framework for exploring crisis management throughout the process of therapy
  4. Examine examples of effective strategies and techniques to therapeutically address family crises
  5. Apply the unified framework to the family vignette introduced in an earlier section

At the conclusion of the module there are important evaluations to provide the partners with feedback regarding the content of the module and your navigation of the website. We hope this module is informative and relevant to your clinical work. We look forward to this shared experience. Thanks for participating!