Crisis Intervention & Management Module

Module Sections:

Crisis Management

Identifying Coping Skills

The goal of crisis management is directed at assisting the family in developing the resources and perceptions needed to handle stresses as they arise and, therefore, prevent pile up.

  • Improved coping occurs when:
    • There is a degree of immediate relief with the intention of bringing about long-term solutions
    • The use of strategies familiar to the family provides entrée to explore new, innovative strategies
    • Focus on symptom relief points to the existence of and the need for problem relief
  • Management implies the reduction of reactive responses making room for a family’s increased self-advocacy and use of effective coping responses

Identifying Resources

The identification of resources involves using & strengthening existing resources while discovering new ones. Family resources include:

  • Member resources: characteristics of individual family members (self-esteem, knowledge, skills available)
  • Family system resources: internal attributes of the family unit (cohesion, adaptability, communication)
  • Social support and community resources: people or institutions outside the family (mental health professionals, extended family, school, church, mentors)