Crisis Intervention & Management Module

Module Sections:

Family Eco-Map

A family eco-map (Lindblad-Goldberg, Dore, & Stern, 1998, p. 104-107) provides an assessment tool to examine the needs of families by mapping the major systems involved with a family and the relationship with those systems. The eco-map provides a visual organization while interviewing the family and gathering information about contextual influences. The eco-map:

  • …is an information and assessment gathering tool.
  • …demonstrates the flow of resources and energy.
  • …depicts the nurturing or conflictual relationships between the family and other systems.

Eco-maps identify connections with a descriptive word or by drawing different kinds of lines to demonstrate the nature of the relationship.

Eco-Map Legend

  • Solid thick line- strong connection that contributes to and supports family coping
  • Dashed line- tenuous connection that is experienced as limited support or the depletion of member energy and resources
  • Cross-marked line- conflictual relationship that increases family stress and depletes family coping ability
  • Arrows- direction of flow of energy or resources

Eco Map