Crisis Intervention & Management Module

Module Sections:

A Closer Look: Hernandez Family Vignette

Application of Vignette

Throughout your work with the Hernandez family you notice that Carmen appears to be in much pain, very tired, and seems to have less energy each time you see the family. Carmen contacted the therapist for an emergency session. During this session with the family, Carmen reveals that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Carmen expects to have surgery next week. She expresses concerns that Mary has become increasingly aggressive since her mother’s diagnosis; the twins are spending more time with their friends; and John wants to move back into the house. Joe is not present for the session and Carmen reports he has not wanted to talk about her illness. Carmen is fearful of what the future will hold for her family and how they will cope with her illness and the subsequent treatment she believes will follow her surgery. She is hoping the therapist can help the family talk about the cancer and adapt to the changes to come.

Consider the Hernandez family’s current crisis associated with Carmen’s recent diagnosis. Note that the information is limited to the details presented in the vignette, however, hypotheses and possible steps may reasonably be suggested using the components from the unified framework presented in the previous section.

Using the core questions for each phase of therapy, consider ways of connecting with the members and subsequent therapeutic work.

Phases of Crisis Intervention