Crisis Intervention & Management Module

Module Sections:

Factors Influencing Understanding of Crises

Numerous potential issues influence that understanding (e.g., age, gender, member’s relationship to I.P., family secrets, substance abuse, domestic violence, family resources). Each person involved in the experience determines the answer to this question based on the perspective of the event or circumstances and its impact. Those involved could include:

  • Family members
  • Extended family
  • Neighbors
  • Case workers
  • SRS
  • Other systems (e.g., courts, medical personnel, religious leaders)
  • Therapists

The role of the therapist is to examine the crisis from each of these perspectives. The family’s ability to manage a crisis depends, in large part, on the consistency of the various views about the crisis. The following questions can help guide the therapist to determine the varying perspectives:

  • Does each person define the crisis event in a similar way?
  • Does each person understand the other’s experience of the crisis event?

Journal- How does the therapist handle multiple perspectives about the same event or circumstance?