Evaluating Models of Cultural Competence Module

Module Sections:


Welcome to the Cultural Competence Course


This therapeutic skills module focuses on various components of multicultural competency, especially as they relate to therapeutic work in home environments. We invite you to join us as we evaluate what we know so far and encourage you to reflect on your own knowledge and practices in this area.

This evaluation of the concept of multicultural competency is an ongoing process which we want to explore with you. As we ask you to reflect on these concepts throughout this module we will invite you to journal about various concepts and answer survey questions.

The structure of this module will guide your exploration of applicable, therapeutic issues of working with cultural competency through the following:

Establishing a common ground of terminology and a lens through which to view the complexities and unique characteristics of culture and cultural competency.

Utilizing a unifying framework to organize the complex dynamics involved in the process of culturally competent therapy.

Applying this framework to a family vignette and working through how culture shapes the choices you make in treatment approaches.

Creating a journal of your personal responses and reflections.