Families and Chronic Illness

Module Sections:


Welcome to the Course


This “Family Issues: Families and Chronic Illness” module is focused on how families are affected and cope when families experience a chronic illness or disability of a family member. Throughout the module we will prompt you to “Journal” your thoughts and “reflections” in your personal Home-Based Family Therapy (HBFT) journal. (Have you received your journal yet?) This will provide you with a place to consider and record your strategies for working with chronic illness-affected families. Other prompts include answering survey questions and exploring  “Resources” for further study.

The structure of this module will guide your exploration of applicable, therapeutic issues of working with families that have a member with a chronic illness through the following:

  1. Establishing a common ground of terminology and a lens through which to view the complexities and unique characteristics of family experiences of managing a chronic illness
  2. Utilizing a unifying framework to organize the complex dynamics involved in the process of therapy with the families
  3. Applying your personal theoretical framework to a family vignette and working through how unique characteristics of the interface between family experiences and chronic illness are organized through the blending of two familiar theoretical models
  4. Creating a journal of your personal responses and reflections