Families and Domestic Violence

Module Sections:

Introduction & Pre-Test

Welcome to the Course


This computerized training module is designed to increase your knowledge about domestic violence so that you can be more effective in helping families in their homes throughout your profession.

In this course, we’ll explore the following topics:

  • The prevalence of abuse.
  • The effects of abuse on women, children, and society.
  • The forms and signs of domestic violence, including physical, emotional and sexual.
  • The patterns of abuse that typically exist in intimate partner relationships.
  • How to assess for abuse.
  • How to help families dealing with domestic violence develop a safety plan.
  • Safety plans that will help you as a home therapist.

In this module, the female pronoun is used to refer to the victim and the male pronoun is used to refer to the abuser for the sake of convenience.

Audio Companion: Families and Domestic Violence