Families and Domestic Violence

Module Sections:

Applying the Framework with the Yin Family

It is important to consider the cultural factors present when helping Yin to deal with the domestic violence issues she has presented. As the vignette indicates, she feels ““stuck”” and her extended family has indicated they believe she should stand with her husband. He is frustrated with his inability to adjust to the disappointments life in the US has presented and she should be sensitive to this. In considering the Stage of Change model, at one point Yin reached the Contemplative stage of change and sought guidance from both her family and her husband’s family. Their message has moved her to normalize her experiences and therefore she becomes less ready (able) to make any steps toward change.

  • Based on the Transtheoretical Model, what should the therapist do to assist Yin?
  • What strategies would you implement to help Yin move forward in the stages of change?
  • Contemplative stage strategies?
  • Preparation stage strategies?
  • Action stage strategies?

Throughout this work it will be important to reflect on the Power and Control Wheel as well as the Cycle of Violence. It seems there would be a relationship between Yin’s ability to move forward in creating change and where she is at any given time in the cycle of violence.

  • At what point in the Cycle of Violence would Yin be most receptive to information about domestic violence?
  • At what point in the Cycle of Violence would Yin be most likely to move within the Stage of Change model?

It is imperative that the therapist focus on safety first. As Yin is gaining support from the therapist to make change she is also experiencing this information as contrary to her cultural beliefs and the guidance of her family. Respecting the influence of her culture and her need to satisfy her extended family obligations is essential to maintaining an ongoing therapeutic relationship. Consistent attention to the integration of the Transtheoretical Model, Cycle of Violence and Power and Control Wheel dynamics will assist the therapist in aiding Yin and her family in the difficult work of dealing with domestic violence.

Audio Companion: Families and Domestic Violence