Families and Financial Stress in HBFT

Module Sections:

Application of Integrated Model with the Vignette

With the budgeting worksheet, Mary was able to help the couple see that their monthly expenses were $400 more than their monthly income. This was surprising to the couple and helped them see, in a concrete way, where their income was going. The financial genogram jumpstarted the conversation about money in a non-threatening way and helped Mary assess beliefs and schemas around money and money management. Once Mary knew that she would not be able to help the couple to the extent they needed, she decided to make a referral to several professionals in the area. It was important to Mary that the couple continued with both services so that their needs were being met in each of the areas that caused the most stress – parenting and finances. Your agency may have resources or relationships with money management professionals/organizations, so don't hesitate to ask.