Integrating Play Therapy in the Home-Based Setting Module

Module Sections:

Introduction & Pre-test

Welcome to the Course


Play Therapy Poem

I tried to teach my child from books

He gave me only puzzled looks

I tried to teach my child from words

They passed him by, often unheard

Despairingly, I turned aside

"How shall I teach this child?", I cried

Into my hand he placed a key,

"Come," He said, "and play with me."


This online learning module is designed to provide an overview of integrating play therapy in the home-based environment.

  • In this course we will explore the following topics:
  • Theoretical foundation from which play therapy was developed
  • The stages of play therapy and assessment processes
  • Models of play therapy
  • Issues and ideas for integrating play therapy into the home setting
  • Examine the role of the therapist in the play therapy process
  • Applying play therapy with a common family

Play therapy has a strong foundation rooted in theory. This course will discuss theories that have influenced the development of play therapy including client-centered, Gestalt, Adlerian, Jungian, Filial, Theraplay and others. Play therapy has its roots clearly embedded in child development. The successful play therapist understands developmental theory especially the contributions of Piaget and Erickson.

Audio Companion: Integrating Play Therapy