Providing Clinical Supervision for Home-Based Family Therapists Module

Module Sections:

Introduction and Pre-Test

Welcome to the Providing Clinical Supervision for Home-Based Family Therapists Course


The purpose of this course is to provide supervisors with different theoretical approaches to supervision as well as ways of conducting supervision in order to learn what home-based family therapists need to feel supported. Likewise, this module will help clinical supervisors understand their role in the supervisory process while learning how to develop their personal philosophy of supervision.

Supervision differs from consultation in that consultation is a peer like exchange between therapists, whereas supervision is when a qualified therapist monitors professional development and socialization of partially qualified clinicians. According to Bernard and Goodyear (2009), “clinical supervision is an intervention that is provided by a senior member of a profession to a junior member or members of that same profession. This relationship is evaluative and hierarchical, extends over time, and has the simultaneous purpose of enhancing the professional functioning of the junior member, monitoring the quality of professional services offered to the clients she sees, and serving as a gatekeeper for the particular profession.” However, the situation does not necessarily have to be between junior and senior people. Likewise, supervisors do not have to be from the same profession. Supervisors serve as quality control agents and ensure that supervisees are not harming clients and that clients receive adequate care. Likewise, supervisors make sure therapists acquire and maintain sufficient clinical skills because supervisors are responsible not just for client’s welfare but also for the supervisee’s professional development.