Providing Clinical Supervision for Home-Based Family Therapists Module

Module Sections:

Case Consultation Questions

  • Describe the Context
    • Does the neighborhood have a concentration of certain ethnic groups that the clinic serves?
    • What is the clinic’s reputation among its neighbors?
    • Is it known as a good place to go or is it seen as cold and indifferent?
    • Is it known as responsive to its setting or does the clinic ignore the people in its neighborhood?
    • What difference might that make to therapists or therapy?
  • Importance of Physical Appearance of Clients
    • Are they neat or slovenly?
    • Considerably overweight or underweight?
    • What conclusions do therapists draw from the body language and appearance of their clients?
  • Note Key Words and Phrases
    • Is there a history of this behavior in the therapist’s life that informs the current use of the term?
    • Are there degrees of this behavior, times when the behaviors strongly manifest themselves and times when they are barely apparent?
    • If that is the case, what words could be used to more accurately describe this continuum of behavior?
  • Review the Received Definition of the Problem
    • How have you arrived at a definition of the problem?
    • If the client says it is one thing and you think it might be something else, how have you negotiated this difference?
    • If there have been competing definitions between family members and one definition has been adopted, has it been the exclusion or detriment of someone else in the family?
    • Have you attempted to consolidate them into one global definition; or have competing definitions been acknowledged while attempting to work with each of them?