Utilizing Supervision for Supporting Home-Based Family Therapy Module

Module Sections:

Introduction & Pre-Test

Welcome to the Utilizing Supervision Course


The purpose of this course is to provide therapists with specific tools necessary to search for and obtain an appropriate level of supervision that will support their home-based work. The tools are provided to inform ways to explore the depth and breadth of support that involvement in supervision can provide.

The purpose and function of supervision is designed to support key stakeholder roles and interactions focused on providing effective therapeutic work. The stakeholders involved with therapy include the following: clients, therapists, supervisors, agencies/institutions, the profession, and the public. The supervisor represents the pivotal role that guides and informs therapists' work. The supervisor's role provides a vital gate-keeping function and reports to the licensing board, professional association, and/or educational institution that authorize the credentialing of a clinician. The supervisor also provides the administrative and therapeutic oversight necessary to ensure safe, ethical, and effective treatment with clients. Supervision provided beyond the credentialing process offers clinicians continued clinical support, skill development, and accountability. Since therapy can be difficult, taxing work, therapists commonly experience burnout at some time in their career. Furthermore, providing in-home therapy often involves unique stressors leading to therapist burnout.

This module is developed to highlight the varying points of view and responsibilities that distinguish the supervisee and supervisor roles and functions. You will have multiple opportunities to compare and contrast the differences and consider implications of the roles and functions on improving your clinical work and training. We believe increased insight will inform and influence supervisees' and supervisors' utilization of the supervision relationship and process.

Supervision provided to home-based family therapists recognizes and responds to the unique challenges of providing therapy in the home. During this module, we will be exploring ways supervision assists clinicians to translate the therapeutic skills and interventions used in the office to home-based work. The module will also explore ways supervision addresses the distinctive stresses a clinician experiences while doing that work.

Audio Companion: Utilizing Supervision