Utilizing Supervision for Supporting Home-Based Family Therapy Module

Module Sections:

Therapeutic Skills

The structure and process of supervision facilitates the development of therapeutic skills throughout the of phases of therapy. Supervision that facilitates development accesses theoretical foundations, clinical experiences, and evaluative feedback. The process of supervision encompasses both directive and collaborative approaches.

  • Balance session between use of talk therapy and activities and exercises with the family
  • Discuss use of home environment to access and use information gathered about the family in their environment
  • Identify and prioritize family issues
  • Review ways to make sense of all of the information that home environment affords
  • Discuss the impact of the home environment on the therapist
  • Review the systemic framework used to conceptualize the family issues
  • Identify treatment goals
  • Assess the process of therapy
  • Assess the outcomes of therapy
  • Explore therapist and family worldviews and the interactions occurring between the two

Audio Companion: Utilizing Supervision