Utilizing Supervision for Supporting Home-Based Family Therapy Module

Module Sections:

Sample Questions

Sample Questions for Supervision Structure and Therapeutic Skills Development

  1. Questions to ask your supervisor
    • What could I be doing to make this situation worse/better?
    • What am I missing?
    • Do I seem overly critical?
    • Can we have a conversation of each of our expectations of supervision?
  2. Questions to ask yourself
    • What might be behind the family's behavior that I find frustrating?
    • What could I learn about this family that could impact my opinion of them?
  3. Questions your supervisor should be asking you
    • What might the client be feeling about this interaction?
    • Are there aspects of working with this family/in this job that have become more stressful for you?
    • How are you balancing the different aspects of your life (personal and professional obligations)?
    • How are you taking into consideration the family's and your differing worldviews?

Audio Companion: Utilizing Supervision